So Kennewick Police officers are in the Walmart parking lot taking a previous day's theft report from a loss prevention officer when lo and behold, the exact alleged perpetrator is tooling around the parking lot on a scooter, while his female passenger was wandering around inside again, reportedly casing the joint to rip them off for a second day in a row.

KPD Facebook Walmart Parking lot 8-1-17
KPD Facebook Walmart Parking lot 8-1-17

Once the officers were shown pictures from a day ago, they approached and contacted the man, Johathan M. Haag, 45, who tried to give them a false name once he was told he was under arrest for the previous day's shoplift. Once searched, a baggie with what looked like heroin was discovered. A records check showed Haag had a DOC (Department of Corrections) warrant for his arrest as well. The baggie was sent to the lab for analysis, Haag was booked into jail for theft and the DOC warrant.

It is unclear what, if anything, happened to the female accompanying the man who was later arrested.

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