Washington States Most Divided Counties

With this year being a major election year, voting is on everyone's mind. But where would you say are the most divided counties in Washington State?


Washington State: Split Politically?

You always hear that Washington State is split down the center politically by the mountains, but it is much more complicated than that. Yes, there are lots of counties all over Washington State that lean strongly to the left or the right politically. Neighbors in those areas usually agree with each other, and probably vote the same in elections. The only political arguments they have seem to be only with other parts of the state.

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Then there are another 12 counties that seem to be very split and divided when it comes to politics. Neighbors and co-workers probably don't just disagree with each other but might have stopped talking altogether, especially about politics. You might see neighbors arguing outside, or have people at work you do not talk to about certain things.

The political environment in Washington State has gotten red hot over the last few Presidential Elections and these 12 Washington State counties are ground zero.

The 12 Most Politically Divided Counties in Washington State

How do Washington state counties fare when it comes to the political divide? These twelve are right on the line.

Gallery Credit: AJ Brewster

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