If you are looking for odd news, this story out of Kelso, Washington, literally "takes the cake." On Tuesday afternoon a woman brought her daughter's birthday cake with her into the Cowlitz County Hall of Justice because "the dog would get into it and eat it" if she left it in the car. Instead, an uninvited guest started the b-day celebration a bit early.

One deputy wasn't enough to restrain 50-year-old Robert Eric Fredrickson from furiously chowing down on the sweet confection. According to KATU, Deputy Connor confronted Fredrickson after witnessing him scarf down a handful of cake:

I said 'stand right there, don't move.' I went to get some towels to clean him up before I dealt with him and no sooner had I turned my back on him and he was back on the cake again. And then all hell broke loose.

That's when the pastry thief snagged another handful of cake, directly in front of Sergeant Joe Reiss. Reiss wasted no time sntaching up Fredrickson and after a small scuffle with officers that completely destroyed the cake, he was place under arrest. The dessert stealing suspect was arrested on charges of third-degree theft and resisting arrest.

Complete tragedy was averted, however, as a local Safeway bakery came to the rescue and replaced the cake for the birthday girl.