Official criminal charges are still to-be-determined after an Oregon 18-year-old in Beaverton, high on mushrooms, struggled with police inside City Hall. According to witnesses, Jared Leone was looking for help because he was overdosing. When officers approached, Leone went into a rage, believing they were terrorists in disguise. A nearly five minute struggle with officers ensued during which Leone managed to grab one of the officer's side arms and fired a shot. Fueled by the drugs, he also broke a pair of handcuffs and was completely unaffected by all seven stun gun attempts. The entire ordeal was captured on surveillance cameras. The video can be seen below.

Leone appeared in court Monday with his face scraped and scratched. Police said he also suffered wrist injuries from breaking the handcuffs, even though he likely didn't feel them at the time. One officer suffered an injured shoulder in the struggle. Luckily the shot fired hit a wall and didn't cause anyone physical harm.

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