Have You Tried Beer Pancakes Before?

My foster mom was the greatest cook on the planet. I loved her apple pie and she was renowned for it.

Golden Pancakes
Marie Fields

If you've ever been to Boggan's Oasis near Anatone Washington in the early '80s, you might've had her cooking. My foster mom has passed but the memory of her cooking has always remained with me.

Boggan's Oasis still exists today and is known by the locals as a destination location. They still make great apple pies and have awesome hamburgers.

One thing my foster mom made for me was beer-battered pancakes.

Where Did Beer Pancakes Originate?

As a kid, I couldn't believe my mom allowed me to eat beer pancakes but they sure were tasty, and loved when I got them as a special treat.

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I asked around the radio station about beer pancakes and my co-worker said she'd never heard of such a thing.

Pancakes with butter

It got me thinking that maybe beer pancakes were a Washington-only recipe but soon discovered many recipes for the beer pancakes that seem to span the globe.


Beer pancakes have been referred to as "Man Cakes" and it might be the way you most remember them as a kid.

Father's Day is around the corner so it got me thinking that a good beer pancake recipe might wow the family.

Can Kids Eat Beer Pancakes?

The good news is that you can make a kid-friendly version of beer pancakes but as a kid, I always thought it was cool that I was having beer pancakes.

The funny thing is I'm sure most of the alcoholic content of the pancakes was burnt out of the cakes but as a kid, I didn't know that.

You can also substitute beer with root beer if you'd like.

I've enclosed a few videos of beer pancake recipes you can try out below:

I also managed to find a few recipes online that you can follow as well. Click here for one recipe from Allrecipes.com and another beer pancake recipe here from Food.com

Give it a try and let us know how the family enjoyed the beer pancakes.

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