The Washington State Patrol warns that you better educate yourself because soon there will be a zero-tolerance policy for these offenses.

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credit X @wspd2pio
credit X @wspd2pio

Washington State Patrol: Winter Education Emphasis Started This Week

Soon, snow will be covering the roads of Washington State's mountain passes and the Washington State Patrol wants everyone to be prepared. One of the biggest causes of a temporary closure of our mountain passes over the winter is because of commercial or private vehicles getting stuck. Washington State law has very clear guidelines for vehicles over 10,000 pounds to make sure those vehicles are prepared during our tough mountain winter driving conditions. This week the Troopers were pulling over commercial vehicles and checking that they were abiding by the law. If they were found not in compliance, the driver was written a warning reminder.


Washington State Chain Law: Vehicles 10,000 and Up

Every vehicle traveling over a Washington State Pass over 10,000 pounds starting November 1st must carry chains, but that is not the extent of the guidelines. Those vehicles also must carry at least two extra chains in case "road conditions require the use of more chains or that chains in use are broken or otherwise made useless, WAC 204-24-050 (2) (f)" according to the law. Those chains also must be approved for vehicles of that size and are approved by the WSDOT for vehicles over 10,000 pounds. Chains with plastic parts are not allowed, but some cable chains are okay. All vehicles over 10,000 pounds must follow these guidelines from November 1 to April 1 each year while traveling through the designed Washington State passes or face a $500 fine. Those mountain passes are:

I-90 between North Bend (MP 32) and Ellensburg (MP 101)
I-82 between Ellensburg Exit 3 (MP 3.00) and Selah Exit 26 (MP 26.00)
SR-97 between (MP 145) and Junction
SR-2 between Dryden (MP 108) and Index (MP 36)
SR-12 between Packwood (MP 135) and Naches (MP 187)
SR-97 between junction SR-14 (MP 4) Columbia River and Toppenish (MP 59)
SR-410 from Enumclaw to Naches
SR-20 between Tonasket (MP 262) and Kettle Falls (MP 342)
SR-155 between Omak (MP 79) and Nespelem (MP 45)
SR-970 between (MP 0) and (MP 10)
SR-14 (MP 18) to Junction 97 (MP 102)
SR-542 Mt Baker Highway between (MP 22.91) and (MP 57.26)

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