Dave Grohl is taking over Austin this week as one of South by Southwest's most prominent figures. The musician just had a chance to show off his 'Sound City' documentary for the Austin denizens and is heading to the Austin Convention Center today to give his keynote speech for the music conference. The speech itself will stream live online courtesy of NPR and SXSW at noon ET / 9AM PT and you can catch it right here in the player below.

Grohl recently stated that he was confident in his public speaking abilities, growing up the son of a Washington speechwriter and a forensics coach. He explained, "One of the things I know to do is not to read a speech."

The Foo Fighters frontman said he intends to address the virtues of being yourself when it comes to recording music. He stated that part of the reason that his band has survived as long as it has is that they've taken control of their work and the labels have allowed the band to be themselves. He added, "You know what that Adele record is huge? It's because it's a human being singing about something real. It's awesome. It sounds great."

The singer also says he views South by Southwest as a great networking experience and hopes to continue to find ways to allow himself as well as other musicians to do what they do best.

In addition to the speech, which you can catch in the player below, Grohl will perform with the Sound City Players in a special concert tonight (March 14) at Stubb's.

Watch Dave Grohl's South by Southwest Keynote Speech [March 14 at noon ET]

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