A couple months ago, I shared with you a product called Ultra Ever Dry. A super-hydrophobic waterproof coating that can be applied to virtually anything. From clothing to gardening equipment and mechanical parts, the coating will keep just about any tangible product as dry as the Sahara.

Last week, another super-hydrophobic product called NeverWet hit Home Depot shelves. Ross Nanotechnology created a demonstration video of their product that not only shows the uses of NeverWet on household items and clothing, but also on an Apple iPhone! So, the next time you drop your phone in the toilet or get pushed into a swimming pool, your phone will continue to function without worry.

WARNING: Although they demonstrate using NeverWet on their iPhone, the instructions included in the packaging says this: "NeverWet should not be used on electronics." Use at your own risk. I recommend reading through the FAQ before applying NeverWet. The iPhone demonstration begins at the 3:20 mark.

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