Washington State University football coach Mike Leach, always a schemer, has come up with a college level course concoction whose syllabus includes amalgamating aerial assaults, guerrilla warfare tactics, football strategy and other military subject matter that he would like to teach to you.

Courtesy Spokesman Review
Courtesy Spokesman Review

Leach, while coaching at Texas Tech University until 2009, was first introduced to Michael Baumgartner, a man who has taught economics at Harvard University and is an expert on counterinsurgency efforts in the Middle East through his State Department work, and during a trip to Cambodia last May, the two began calling audibles about a course like this.

The WSU course would include academic study of the military strategies employed by commanders facing long odds against overwhelming adversaries, a situation Leach has actually written about before, and of course faces it on the football field all the time coaching against programs full of blue-chip recruits.

“He’s not USC, or Alabama,” Baumgartner said. “The whole theory of the ‘air raid’ is how do you use space and speed to overcome conventional strength?”

Students would break down game film with Leach, and a final assignment would require students to come up with recommendations for U.S. policy in Yemen, as well as designing three football plays for the Cougars contest with Houston next fall.

The whole sweet article is here, rife with further rabbit hole hyper links to get lost down the detail trail.

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