When I think of a dive bar the first thing that comes to mind is the food. You can have all the atmosphere and service in the world but if you don't have the "wreck your outfit kind of burger," it doesn't qualify (in my book) as a great dive bar. Certainly the atmosphere and service counts, but the food is a deal breaker for me. Everyone loves that "Cheers" feeling when you walk into a bar, you know, where everyone knows your name!

When you know a handful of the folks bellied up to the bar and they greet you by your name or the nickname you earned, like Booger, Giggles, Moose, Boots etc.. it's comforting. I personally have met some of the greatest people now in my life in a bar (in my defense I have spent a good portion of my life working in a bar, not just bellied up to one).

Service is important of course, when the bartender is prompt and attentive that is great but when the bartender knows your drink, your wife, your dog and your girlfriend, you know you have become part of that "Cheers" family.

I asked and you answered! Earlier this week I asked our KORD Facebook friends "what is your favorite dive bar in the Tri-Cities?" There were a lot of great little local bars and pubs mentioned. The most popular, according to our survey just happened to be the very bar I work at and that is the Palm Bar & Grill in Benton City!

A few others that were also very popular were the Longbranch in Finley, Whiskey River in Richland and Two bits & A Bite in Richland. I have to admit though... Two Bits & A Bite is my favorite place to escape to when I am not working. When I walk through the doors I am greeted with "It's the President!" A little inside joke the bartender teases me with (exactly what makes up a great dive bar). They have the BEST deep fried cheese curds, cold beer and an amazing display of pull tabs.

So there you have it! If you are in need of a small town "Cheers" feel in your life today go visit one of these great local small businesses! Drink responsibly and don't forget your DD!

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