Imagine our surprise when we saw this...

For the last two weeks, probably ten days or so, the snow has rapidly disappeared from the Mid Columbia. Even Rattlesnake Mtn. doesn't appear to have any left.

But a day ago, we came across this drift.  Obviously plowed areas left behind large mounds that take a lot longer to go away. But even the giant ones seen at Winco Foods or around Walmart melted off like nothing.

It appears to be the last of the snow in the Tri-Cities? Some of you may have had a skiff here and there, but this is the largest remaining one we found, and considering it was this week, surprising.

Friday's weather (March 5) was expected to hit 70 degrees for much of the Columbia Basin, and it feels good!  Spring finally on the horizon? Meanwhile, Snoqualimie Pass and other areas in the Cascades were seeing record snowfall this year, or at least 2-3 decades max amounts.

It wasn't really Snowmageddon in February, but it was close. One of these years, Mother Nature will actually bring that stuff on Christmas for more than two days.

By the way, this was found in the parking lot behind Kamiakin High School. Next to a large storage container behind the baseball field. It almost never gets any sun until late spring or summer--if that.  We were up there jogging a day ago (March 4).

Snow crews had plowed a very large pile, and with limited wind and sun, it hung on..and on...

Here's a few snow pics of some of the conditions, and bigger piles we saw hang around over the last two years.


Some of our snow, and big piles

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