Happy birthday to "Huge Anus," the 10-year-old boy from Los Angeles.  Or at least that is what KTLA wants you to think...  The weather man from the Los Angeles station fell for one of the oldest pranks in the book when he announced the 10 birthday of "Hue Jaynus" live on television.  The anchor man quickly realized the error and couldn't hold back his laughter.  The anchor woman struggled with the joke but eventually claimed that she got it...  I doubt it, though.

See what Free Beer and Hot Wings had to say about this awesome prank below.  Also, listen to some of their favorite pranks they have done.

I don't get jokes, because I'm a dumb chick...  I'm only here for my long beautiful hair and breasts, I don't get humor...  I didn't learn jokes on the casting couch. - Zane (In a female voice, mocking the anchor woman.)