I have been wanting one of those cute stickers that is the outline of Washington state with a heart-dot marking the place of the city of Yakima. I have seen some before but couldn’t exactly ask them where they got it from. I also want a car sticker that has the initials for the Pacific North West inside two arrows that cross each other. I have lived in WA for nearly half my life so this place is practically like home to me. I think it’s fitting that I’m a weirdo living in a weirdo state.

Oh, you don’t think this state is weirdo. Look over these 4 reminders and fun facts and tell me it isn’t so! Prove me wrong.

Mt. Rainier's flying saucers: It was here in Washington back in the late 1940s that a guy claims he saw not one, but two alien space ships hovering over Mt. Rainier. He’s the one that started the trend making our state the #1 place people see aliens (and Big Foot, aka Sasquatch)!

Church of God Zillah: There is a church that teaches people about their particular beliefs in god, in Zilla, Washington. This makes them officially a “church of god Zillah”. There is even a big ole dinosaur to be the throwback reminder mascot, reminiscent of those popular Godzilla movies of yesteryear. If that ain’t weird, I don’t know what is!

Teapot Dome: A gift from a former president of the United States is hella weird. Not many other states can boast about that!

Home to at least 2 the world's richest billionaires: How we ended up with some eccentric billionaires, I’ll never know. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos for the win.

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