Ok, let's get Kraken. I can see it now. Die hard fans to be called Krakheads. And how's "Nobody Gets out of the Krakhouse Alive" for a home ice advantage chant? Krak don't ice itself. You are Krakin' me up.

Reports here and here and here are all full of conjecture and speculation that Seattle hockey types are actually lending credibility to the possibility that the new NHL franchise set to begin play in the 2021-2022 season will be known as the Seattle Kraken.


Seattle's new NHL squad has still yet to decide on a team name, or at least they what they would like to have you believe. After multiple reports surfaced on Wednesday claiming that the Seattle expansion franchise would call itself the Seattle Kraken, the team believes that's kind of fishy and they've sort of thrown some cold water on that idea.

That being said, they didn't outright deny that would be called the Kraken.

One leading contender besides Kraken being bandied about is the Seattle Sockeyes, but that's way too-close-for-easy-to-throw-shade-comfort, think, the "Seattle Suckies".

There's no way in hell it would happen, and I would consider dropping the gloves to fight for it, but how about the creativity put into the Rain City Bitch Pigeons?

Rain City Bitch Pigeons
Rain City Bitch Pigeons


How about a Washington State Ferry's horn sound as a goal marker? How sweet would that be?

Late word from the NHL is that "nothing is imminent" as far as an official name release is concerned.


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