Court documents allege a West Richland man, 43-year old Paul Micah Julson, forcibly molested a 13-year old girl, reportedly bruising her breast in the aggressive grope, while families had gathered late last month for a funeral.

The teenage victim said she was lured away from her family because the suspect told her he had to talk to her about something she did wrong. During that secluded encounter, the molestation is alleged to have occurred including Julson grabbing the 13-year old's breast with such force, it left a bruise. The victim also claims the suspect forced her to touch him, showed her 'butt plugs', other sex toys, graphic pornography and said he was going to 'train her' and her 8-year old sister.

The victim was terrified to say anything to anyone as Julson allegedly threatened punishment for any hint of disclosure.

Then, four days after the first alleged molestation at the celebration of life, Julson showed up at the victim's house under the guise of moving some items into a shed. Once inside, the victim was cornered, where Julson allegedly forced her to kiss him.

Fearing the suspect would inflict the same damage on her 8-year old sister, a few days after the second incident, the victim summoned the courage to tell her mother everything that had happened.

Mom immediately tracked the suspect down and confronted him, and Julson copped to having the 13-year girl old sit on his lap while he molested her, kissed her and showed her pornography.

After speaking with the teen, case investigators discovered discoloration on the victim, bruising in the area consistent with the girl's complaint.

Julson refused to speak with an investigator after his arrest, requesting his right to counsel. Julson was arrested in Yakima County, but has been in the Benton County Jail for almost a week with his bail set at $100,000.

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