Being proudly provocative has always been part of rock ‘n’ roll — from the music’s earliest days, when simply shaking one’s hips on television was enough to send middle-aged Americans into a righteous lather, the formula for some of the best rock has been one part rhythm, one part volume, and one part shock.

This has also been true for album covers, which some of rock’s most forward-thinking performers have used as a platform to shock, disturb, annoy, and generate thought-provoking conversation (although not necessarily in that order). It’s a long rock ‘n’ roll tradition — one celebrated with a new list over at Ultimate Classic Rock.

They’re calling it the “10 Most Shocking Covers in Rock Music” — which is a pretty provocative title itself, if you think about it — and it pays tribute to eyebrow-raising artwork from artists such as Alice Cooper, Jane’s Addiction, David Bowie, and Nirvana.

Which of your favorites made the list? Which ones can’t you believe didn’t make the cut? Check it out!