98.3 The Key has as many listeners outside the Tri-Cities as within it, yet much of what we talk about and the news we report focuses on Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. We’re going to try to make that up to everyone by starting special projects, likely a photo essay, featuring other communities in our region.

We’re starting by asking people what we should include in our project.


When one mentally pictures the Tri-Cities, it is likely that the Blue Bridge, Rattlesnake Mountain, Columbia Center Mall and the Boat Races come to mind. When you picture Walla Walla, what do you see?

If you were away from home a long time, what would you miss? When you returned, what iconic businesses would you want to visit again? What parks would you take your kids to? What smells remind you of Walla Walla? What makes you say, “That’s so Walla Walla!”?

If you were leaving, and never coming back, what T-shirts would you buy to show off your Walla Walla pride? If National Geographic did a photo essay on Walla Walla, what would they be remiss not to include? Fill out the survey and tell us what to include. Later this month or in early July we’ll start the project and share it with everyone. We’d love to find someone to use your ideas to write lyrics for an original song. If you know someone willing to give it a shot, have them email me at andrewkirk@townsquaremedia.com.