All That Remains | They've been rockin' for over a decade now and their latest album 'For We Are Many' is one of the my favorite albums of the past year.

I got into ATR in 2006 after hearing the song 'Six' and saw them live for the first and only time so far in 2009 at the Rockstar Energry Drink Mayhem Festival. They sounded awesome live and had a lot of energy with good interaction with the crowd and each other while on stage. This was when I found out that they're bassist was actually a female...chick can RIP on the bass! ATR had good mainstream/commercial with their 4th album 'Overcome' in 2008 with the help of the smash singles 'Two Weeks' and 'Forever In Your Hands'. 'Overcome' was the first album I actually purchased and still 'Chiron' is one of my favorite songs.

Now the newest album 'For We Are Many', which was released in April last year, has been in constant rotation on my Windows Phone (Zune Pass FTW). From the opening track 'Now Let Them Tremble' leading straight into the title track 'For We Are Many' all the way through the 'Waiting One' All That Remains steps their sound up on the new record. They sound tighter than they ever have and are receiving more commercial success than they ever have before. I wanted to go see them in April with Nonpoint, but wasn't able to make it to Boise to the show. Cool thing is, ATR will be coming through the NW with a couple festivals...Rock Hard In The Park and PDX Rockfest. Im definitley going to have to catch one of those show.

Check out the video for ATR's new song 'Last Time'.