17 years after releasing their debut album 'Adrenaline', Deftones deliver a must-listen-to-album with their 7th studio release titled 'Koi No Yokan'.

You've heard the singles 'Leathers' and 'Tempest' right here on 97 Rock, but those aren't even the BEST songs from the album. From the opening drop of 'Swerve City' through the fade out of 'What Happened To You', the entire album is incredibly good. The band has maintained their eery, yet heavy style and sound that they have become known for, but the new album pushes their sound into a place that feels like a natural progression.

Check out the trailer for the album below featuring the tracks 'Tempest', 'Swerve City', and 'Rosemary' and then my favorite track from the song, 'Poltergeist'.

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