When it is pizza night, what size do you order? A recent study has told us that you should always order the largest pizza they have so you will save money. First of all, I always do. Second of all, I can't not believe they spent money on this study! Everyone knows that if you order to much pizza it is always good the next day and so is cold pizza! Cold pizza is the best cure for a hangover ever besides yesterdays tacos.

NPR reporter Quoctrung Bui did the math so we didn't have to. 74,476 pizza prices from 3,678 pizza restaurants nationwide to find out how the price of pizza changes with the size of the pie. According to the NPR reporter  the one 16 inch pizza pie has about the same area as one and one third 14 inch pizza. Dang. So in other words, buy the biggest pizza.

But to be honest, it was money well spent!

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