97 Rock has its own Youtube channel. We upload new videos at least weekly. Some are pretty awesome and -- to be honest -- some suck. But as a complete package it's pretty good. Are you not currently following any Youtube channels? YOU SHOULD!!! Here are a bunch we recommend that are killer: 

C.G.P. Grey - Cool animation answering questions you've probably wondered, but never bothered to get answered.

Photonicinduction - A guy takes regular electroctonics and ups the amps BIG TIME.

BroScienceLife - You know those gym guys who you secretly make fun of? Here's one who knows you're making fun, and they're taking it to the next level just for you.

Crash Course - Untold numbers of high school kids only passed their classes because of this educational blog.

Vlog Brothers - Super funny guys talking about serious subjects that you didn't even know you wanted to know.

Minute Physics - cool animation tackling cool science subjects.

Ashens - Funny guy discussing shitty food, shitty gadgets and more. Check out the holiday food specials and knock off video game systems. Also Poundland!

Cooking with Dog - Like Japanese food? Like cute dogs? This is a cooking show in Japanese with a dog co-host who narrates the recipes step-by-step in English.

Criken - A gamer who uploads videos of his favorite moments. The videos are absolutely hilarious.

Food Wishes - Chef John makes complicated recipes look easy. His voice is super soothing.

Jeremiah McDonald - What made him famous was having a conversation with his 12-year-old self but I suggest checking out his other videos.

Scott Bradlee - This musician remixes hits as if they were from a different era.

Sips - One of the best gaming channels.

The Most Popular Girls in School - Lives of several high school girls as told through Barbie dolls -- in stop motion.

The Piano Guys - Popular music with a classic twist.

Your Movie Sucks - He tells you why your movie (or television show) sucks.


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