What the heck is going on with the hotels on George Washington Way in Richland? 

If you drive that strip of highway the leads out to Highway 240 on George Washington Way, I'm sure you've noticed the construction going on at the Economy Inn. It looks like renovation has begun and it has a lot of people speculating on what's going on with the property.

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We put a call into the City of Richland and are still waiting to hear back but we managed to take some pictures to share with you on the renovation.

9 Pictures Of The Economy Inn Renovation

Big changes are happening on George Washington Way in Richland

All the Facebook groups, Reddit, and NextDoor apps have been talking about what's going on at the hotels. We reached out to the City of Richland and are still awaiting the official word from the city.

Speculation is that condo-like apartments are going to be built in place of the Economy Inn that sits right on the corner at 515 George Washington Way.

The Economy Inn has had a shaky reputation through the years with several incidents of shootings and stabbings so the renovation will be a welcome relief to the residents who live near the hotel.

The question is what happens next. It looks the renovation has begun on the Economy Inn so it should only be a matter of time before we see what's going on there next.

I know the new buildings will be a welcome addition to the City of Richland and I can't wait to see them completed.

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