In the Facebook group All About Tri-Cities Washington, someone was asking about a nice restaurant to go to for her anniversary. I thought the answers and comments were very good and I wanted to share them with you. Some of these restaurants I haven't even heard of, and I've lived here for a decade!

Bud's Broiler is mentioned several times and that is a classic example of a nice restaurant in my opinion.

In this weather, you probably wouldn't want to drive from Tri-Cities to Touchet, but Cameo Heights Mansion got a mention with several clicks for 'like.'

I've never been to Montessori in Richland, but Roberta commented that it's a nice Italian restaurant in a railroad carriage with great food and a great atmosphere. But she also says in the same comment that she heard it might be declining and hasn't been there for a year LOL.

Tammy says that Texas Roadhouse is loud and busy but that is always a favorite place for me and my wife, for sure.

Europa is reportedly great for special date nights as is Lu Lu's Craft Bar + Kitchen. Of course, Anthony's at Columbia Point got several mentions, and so did Cedars on Clover Island!

It turns out there are actually lots of 'nice restaurants' in the Tri-Cities! One comment said that Hooked Seafood Boil and Bar over by the mall in the old P.F. Chang's building was amazing! She said everything tasted fresh and delicious and it came highly recommended.

To read all of the comments on nice restaurants in the Tri-Cities click HERE.

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