Early this morning we were all complaining about the crazy drivers out there when I saw this guy slide past us on the dike (Chiawana Trail). I couldn't believe my eyes. But I guess when it snows, you gotta call in sick!

This dude's name is Lucas and he only moved to the Tri-Cities a couple of years ago. He had some Nordic skis in his garage -- unused -- so when he saw the snow he took them to 17th in Pasco and skied to the Blue Bridge and back. Originally from the Sandpoint, Idaho area, he misses skiing and just had to take advantage.

Most area schools were on two hour delay -- supposedly because the buses were scared to be on the roads. I think that's bull; I think the schools wanted to let the kids play!

I grew up in the country with a mother who grew up in Alaska. She LOVED to cross-country ski and got us kids to go with her. I will tell you I HATED it. It's a lot of work. I could never get up hills, going downhill I'd always fall. The first time I went real skiing for the first time was the LAST time I went cross-country skiing. I don't have any idea why people do.

Andrew Kirk

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