The Super Bowl is today. Everyone has their favorite Super Bowl memories. I've been a huge football -- NFL fan -- my entire life and cannot remember the last Super Bowl I missed. Out of all of those games, the Janet Jackson Nipplegate wardrobe malfunction has to be No. 1.

I remember I had to watch the half time show because, working in radio, people were going to be talking about it that Monday. I had to convince my buddy to watch it. He didn't want to, was saying there would be nothing memorable, but I convinced him.

It was so normal, then halfway through, the shirt comes down, fireworks go off, and they go to commercial. I sat on the couch for almost 30 seconds after they'd gone to commercial. I couldn't believe I'd seen what I thought I saw. I turned to my buddy and asked plainly, "Did you just see a t**ty?" He turns to me, looks at me straight in the eye, and all he says is, "Fully."

I'll never forget it. I spent the next hour on the phone with everyone I knew trying to get confirmation one way or the other of what I saw. It was hours later we learned it was true.

And it had nothing to do with football.

Hopefully this weekend I'll make a better memory.