We came across a poll this week that claims some surprising information about who washes their car or vehicle more:  men or women?

Poll claims will surprise you

Traditionally, stereotypes would lead us to think that women are far more into cleanliness than men.

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Now, most men don't like living in a pig stye. But usually, women are the ones who seem to pay more attention to details when it comes to cleaning. I would admit to that. But I do run the vacuum, especially if I can see dust critters all over our hardwood floors. That's annoying as hell.

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  But a new poll from Pemco Insurance claims that men are 2-3 times more likely to wash the outside of their vehicles, while those totals for cleaning the inside favor men 2-1.

The poll includes mostly data from Seattle and Portland, so we are not sure if the man-bun crowd played a huge role in this. But it did get us thinking, so we will ask you in our own poll.  (Don't get all upset over the man-bun comment, it's all in fun..., especially for us who are follicly challenged).

Take the poll below:


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