The Seattle Seahawks will host the Green Bay Packers tonight at Century Link Field in Seattle. Both teams are 1-1 after the first two weeks of the season and the 'Clink' is always a tough place to play for any visiting team. Tonight will be the Hawks biggest test of the season thus far and if they can send Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers back to Wisconsin with their second loss of the season, it would be a major early boost for the team.

Personally, I hope to see the HACKS get smoked tonight. By a lot. I mean a good 30 points. Clay Mathews and the rest of the Pack D will hold the Chickens to a poor offensive performance tonight. I'm calling for a score of 44-13. By the way, when Wilson starts to struggle, Hack fans, I don't want to hear grumbles that Matt Flynn should be the starter! It's Week 3, stick to your guns and your team. Don't be a fairweather bandwagon fan.

See ya at Jack-son's in Kennewick!

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