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NFL Quarterbacks Discuss Wildcard Weekend on Facebook
The Bengals offense looked like pussy cats against the Texans, the Packers finally shut down Adrian Peterson to beat the Vikings, the Ravens managed to hold off the Colts, and as we all know, the Seahawks shocked the nation with a decisive win over the Redskins. It was definitely an entertaining wee…
Who Wins Tonight’s Monday Night Football – Packers vs Seahawks
The Seattle Seahawks will host the Green Bay Packers tonight at Century Link Field in Seattle. Both teams are 1-1 after the first two weeks of the season and the 'Clink' is always a tough place to play for any visiting team. Tonight will be the Hawks biggest test of the season thus far and if they c…
Everyone Loves/Hates Nickelback [VIDEO]
Nickelback seems to be one of the most polarizing groups in Rock 'N Roll. Whether someone is just drinking the Haterade due to the bands success, or they just legitimately don't like the bands music, it's been debatable since their debut...everyone loves OR hates Nickelback.