The Columbia Cup is Tri-Cities premier event for a reason. There's a reason it draws thousands of people from across the western half of the country.

A lot of those people are die-hard fans of the sport. But there's plenty of people that are just here for a good time. Here's some reasons why the boat races are awesome for people that don't "get it."

  • The atmosphere. It's absolutely electric. Not just on the shores during the events, but the days leading up to the boat races. People are jacked for this. It's like a pre-Christmas in Tri-Cities.
  • Sitting in the water during the races. I literally never hop in the Columbia River anymore. But for 11 months of the year, I'm anticipating hopping in with some food on my plate or a cold drink in my hand. If you have a section with food and BYOB, this is especially true.
  • Being in the sun for fun. It's been a hot summer. Really hot. You couldn't pay me to sit outside in this for 2-4 hours. But for some reason, it's not a problem during Water Follies weekend.
  • HAPO Over the Air Show. This is easily my favorite part. I love planes & I love seeing them in action. This year, they'll be flying some vintage beauties. I like it loud!
  • The hydroplanes. Even if you don't really understand the sport, there's no denying the hydroplanes themselves are marvels. Fast, sleek, and still pretty loud. Watching these machines rip across the Columbia is always awesome.

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