A completely far too honest story.Honestly. As guys, most of us have caught a whiff of our equipment, unintentionally and intentionally. Let's face it, a number of human males like the smell of their own brand, ranging from farts to poops to their privates. Before you freak out, it's not just a guy thing.

Moving on.

My balls smell like Count Chocula. Yeah, it's great until I remember it's only a seasonal cereal that vacates shelves during Halloween season. Unless you want to pay ridiculous inflated prices online, you have to sit a whole year before you can eat that chocolatey, marshmallow goodness. I'm bummed out. It's a constant reminder that I want what I can't have.

I love Count Chocula, we used to have it every morning growing up. Now, it's only after Halloween season when I pay my parents a visit. I also would guarantee it gets phased out completely in the next five years. Thanks, General Mills. You asswipes.

I will refrain from addressing such issues like "Why do you smell your balls?" or, "Why do your balls smell like Count Chocula?", or "Why does the way your balls smell make you want to eat Count Chocula?"

I'm really not sorry if this disclosure of information lessens your desire to eat Count Chocula. That just means more for me come Halloween, suckers.

I would add a nice and quick "Suck it!", but that would be entirely too inappropriate.

More to come, Iceman out.


Andrew said this post was a bad idea. He lost the bet.

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