I know, I know, March Madness is all the rage, but my bracket is already way busted so back to what is still king 24/7 for America's sports fans, the NFL....and America's Team (?!?) the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony Romo got a meager $64.11 bonus from the Dallas Cowboys this year. That is no joke people, it's based on a certain formula that takes into account how many snaps you played divided by how much you're already being paid in salary. Romo only ended up playing one series for the Cowpokes but he still qualified for a performance bonus! It was $64.11.

Since 2011 NFL teams are allotted a "performance based pool" of money distributed so the biggest bonuses go to  players who didn't earn much but played a ton...exactly the type of players who deserve more.  Romo wouldn't be one of them. He made over $20 million  last year but got hurt against the Seahawks in preseason and he only briefly got onto the field in the last game of the regular season.

By comparison,  Dak Prescott got a bonus of $354 544.57. His base salary was $450 thousand and he played in 66.49% of the snaps last season. The bonus formula doesn't always make sense though.

Reggie Bush finished with a negative rushing yardage total  for the season but still took home an extra $14,615.83 for his efforts on top of the cool million he made in salary with the Buffalo Bills.

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