According to City of Pasco Facebook page:


In May, the City Council approved a partial lifting of the fireworks ban to allow some of the so-called “safe and sane” consumer fireworks such as cone/cylindrical fountains, smoke devices, and sparklers, while continuing its ban on explosive and aerial fireworks, such as bottle rockets, roman candles, mortars and rockets.

In other words police don't need to track down kids with sparklers, They can go after the person with illegal fireworks. This was also a good faith effort from the city to let families do what we do, which is light fireworks!

David McNew

Now the bad news:

The Pasco Fire Department responded to 11 grass fires and 3 structure fires between 6pm and 3am. At this time, all these fires are believed to have been caused by illegal fireworks. All area Tri-City Fire Departments were busy responding to fireworks related calls.

Staff will be reviewing the results of the change in the ban and exploring options on how to better crack down on the use of illegal and unsafe fireworks.


In other words what part of illegal fireworks do you not understand? thanks to the fun slayers that caused the problems...((shaking my head))