Kennewick and Richland police captured the suspect after a short but speedy chase.

Shortly after noon Wednesday, motorists were startled to see several Richland and Kennewick police units in hot pursuit of a motorist who, turns out, refused to pull over for speeding.

Authorities and our news partner KNDU-TV are reporting 18-year-old Jonathan Summers refused to pull over near Columbia Park Trail.  Officers said he was speeding.   He fled, leading police on a chase down Steptoe Street where he hit a curb and popped two tires.  Witnesses said police used a pit maneuver to spin his car into the curb.  They also said after Summers car was disabled, he was quickly surrounded and officers ordered him out of his car with their guns drawn.

Authorities have not confirmed the pit maneuver report.   Summers was found to be without a valid driver's license.   He is reportedly facing charges of felony eluding police, and driving without a license.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.  (Photo courtesy of KNDU-TV-Alyssa Longwell).