Kennewick police suspect three suspects might have had illegal or stolen items with them when they tried to outrun patrol cruisers early Wednesday morning.

Arounod 8:20 am, police tried to pull over a speeding woman driver on Highway 240, but terminated the chase when she began driving too fast, and a chase would have endangered other motorists.

However, the woman then was spotted pulling into a parking lot near West Canal and Young Streets, where the woman and two men abandoned the car and began running away.

Turns out upon their capture, the two men (who's identities were not yet released) have extensive criminal histories and outstanding felony warrants. The woman is facing charges of felony eluding and driving with a suspended license.

A Kennewick K-9 unit has been searching the area where the car was abandoned, and other routes along the chase as officers believe the suspects might have thrown items from the car as they were fleeing.

The investigation continues.