All this month, we're pulling out our big ol' sack and giving away $10,000 right here @ Plus you have TWO chances every week day to call in and win $1,000. It's because we're obsessed with cash.

We probably don't have to tell you why cash is the best prize...(it's because you can do whatever you want with it!) With $10,000 you could, for example:

- Fill your car up with gas once a week for six years.
- Take yourself to see a movie once a week for ten years (who knows how many new Star Wars movies will have come out by then?)
- Buy 10 round-trip plane tickets to Shanghai.

Listen to us every weekday in November for the cue to call and you could win $1,000! The only weekday in November that we aren’t giving away cash is Thanksgiving.

If you want to take a crack at the big money, enter the contest through the 97 Rock Nation. If you’re not a citizen, join now! It’s completely free and if you listen and participate you can enter more awesome contests just like this one.

You can enter the $10,000 Big Sack of Cash contest through November 29 – so keep listening all month long and rack up those 97 Rock Nation points!