A couple of Tri-City moms are organizing a child carrier drive to send to "Carry the Future," a non-profit group that helps refugees with child-care accessories.

If you've seen refugees on the news it's apparent they're carrying everything they own in their hands or on their backs. Also, they're mostly traveling by foot or standing on trains or in boats. Those with small children are severely limited in what they can carry and their mobility.

A child carrier (the soft-structured kind, or buckle-style ones that let you carry a child on your back or chest) sent to "Carry the Future" will be handed to a refugee as they get off a boat, airplane or train.

If you have an old one to donate or want to purchase one as a gift the store "Buckwheat Bottoms" in the Uptown Shopping Center will accept it and bundle for shipping to "Carry the Future."

Buckwheat Bottoms is at 1386 Jadwin in Richland near the northwest corner of Uptown. They are open Tues - Fri 9:30am-4pm and Saturdays 12pm-4pm. Call them at 509-440-2588.


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