Idaho appears to be pacing well as far as reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon already in the new year of 2022. There have been six incidents reported to the National UFO Reporting Center since January 4.

The NUFORC has logged six reports of unexplained aerial objects for the state of Idaho so far this year. Witnesses in Boise, Hagerman, Chubbuck, Ketchum, Idaho Falls, and Mountain Home have contacted the center in the past eight weeks. One report described a number of bright objects in the sky above Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Mountain Home Air Force Base is located 97 miles northwest of Twin Falls. On March 4, 2022, the NUFORC concluded its investigation of a reported claim of an interaction between a UAP (or UFO) and a base fighter jet. The incident reportedly occurred in the evening hours of February 16, but details weren't released by the center until recently. It typically takes the NUFORC a couple of weeks to contact witnesses and verify claims.

In the report, the witness says five "orange orbs" were seen "farting around" in the sky above the base. At one point the witness says a Mountain Home Air Force Base fighter jet chased one of the objects out of the area. The duration of the reported incident lasted approximately one-minute, according to the information in the report.

The objects were further described as being sphere-like and casting a "haze" around them. The witness claims to have returned approximately 20 minutes later and saw nothing unusual.

Mountain Home Air Force Base has not released any information regarding the reported incident.

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