When you think of Wolverine you think of Hugh Jackman right or the high school kids in the movie Red Dawn, not today because the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spotted a very rarely seen mammal on the coast not once but twice

Yep you guessed it an actual Wolverine...


in a post on social media the Washington Department of Fish and Game said:

Wolverines are an elusive species that are known to live in the remote mountainous areas of the Cascades and in northeastern Washington. They're also known to travel long distances, but usually in the mountains - so this sighting in Pacific County is very rare!

They are members of the weasel family, with females weighing 18-27 pounds and males weighing 26-44 pounds.

The reason the Wolverine is so rarely seen is simple there just aren't that many in the wild. Washington Biologists say there are only 50 in the state and maybe 300 nationwide!

Here's a great article about the sightings in the Chinook Observer.

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