A 28-year-old woman is facing a slew of charges after a Monday morning rampage in Kennewick.

Andrea Spreadbury was the suspect in a disturbance call at 1001 West 4th Ave. Police responded and found Spreadbury armed with scissors, throwing rocks at a window and broke it.

Before the Police arrived, reports indicate she'd gone back home and begun throwing dishes at Patrol units when they got there. She'd been throwing them out the door before they got there.

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Then, as officers approached with caution due to new state laws about the use of probable force, Spreadbury armed herself with two large knives and began to approach the patrol cars and officers. They backed away, per the new laws about engaging suspects only if a person's life is in imminent danger and other limitations.

As they 'gave her space' she began to repeatedly slash tires of patrol units, flattening a total of 9 on at least 3 units.

Then, she fled on foot as officers worked to build a containment to keep her from escaping and to keep the neighbors from harm. Kennewick Officers could not use their 'long gun' beanbag weapon because it's larger than the state limit. The Kennewick weapon is a .50 caliber, and they also could not use their 37mm impact baton.

Pasco Police joined in the incident are were able to use their less-lethal bean bag and Taser units to bring her under control.

She's now facing a slew of Felony Malicious Mischief charges for her actions. This is yet another situation where law enforcement had to allow a suspect who was believed to be having a mental episode to rampage before they could finally bring them under control.


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