At first glance, one would think the woman was a victim of the load that a manure spreader would carry. But in this case, it was the truck itself that caused the incident Wednesday.

A Grandview woman's car ended up on it's top after she was struck by a truck hauling a manure spreader failed to stop at a stop sign and slammed into her car. The truck was similar to the one picture here in our story.

Erendira Torres was driving on Bethany Road, when she came to the intersection with East Edison Road near Sunnyside. Officials say the truck, hauling the manure spreader behind it, didn't stop for the stop sign and knocked her Geo Prism on it's top.

Authorities didn't identify the driver, apparently he would only say he was hauling for Heavenly Hills Transport, according to the The Washington State Patrol and Sheriff's office investigated. It's likely charges are pending for the driver, at least for failure to yield.