It's nice to know not everyone just gets bills and postcards from embarrassing radio stations for their former roommates. Sometimes people get the surprise of a lifetime.

Irving Mann, a 88-year-old World War II veteran living in Rochester, NY, felt incredulous towards an email he received from a woman in France, who said she had found his old dog tags. Mann didn't even think he'd lost them, and assumed it was some sort of scam. After an exchange of several emails between Mann's daughter-in-law and the woman who found the tags, Sophie La Follie, they became convinced the offer was legit.

La Follie found the tags in her barley field in Parny-Resson. Irving Mann remembers staying there for a few days during the war and making trades with local women. A picture of her farmhouse and the serial numbers on the tag, combined with the fact that La Follie informed them she wanted no payment, was all the proof they needed to believe she was wasn't running a scam.

Mann received the tags before Memorial Day, and is keeping them with his other WWII mementos, which include a Purple Heart.

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