I'm getting pretty excited for 2014, and I really don't know why. Maybe it's the thought of a new year, a fresh slate, a new chance to be the person I want to be.

Part of it is the excitement of never having to hear certain words again. A few weeks ago, I shed some light on new words being echoed in high school halls. I honestly can't remember any slangs from my years high school, or any other years. But, for some reason, 2013 felt insufferable in the slang department.

Consider this list like the retiring of a jersey, the passing of the torch from one series of annoying words to another. If I missed anything, or if you think I am wrong, let me know what you think! This is just my personal opinion.

Words I Never Want to Hear Again in 2014

Twerk - Whenever I say the word, I feel like a dumbass. The word's connotation is what truly bothers me, though. Why does society love over-sexualized pop culture so much?

Swag - Apparently an excuse for why the kids don't need a job, to breathe, or anything else. Dumbass.

YOLO - This has definitely mellowed out, but there will always be this guy.

Turnt Up - Just tell me all the drugs you wanna do tonight, kid.

Ratchet - I'm just tired of hearing it, I've really nothing to say here.

Rave - Code for "Hey, fellow teenage friends, let's go watch bright lights move around while we listen to crappy-ass electronic music made by some kid who realized he has a laptop. Oh, yeah. Drugs. There will be a butt-ton of drugs." I hate hearing in the news about kids getting hurt or dying because they, or someone else, was irresponsible and gave them substances they couldn't handle. Please, just be safe.

Thirsty - Yeah, I'm sure every girl is thirsty for your D, man.

D - So, what are we just giving our genitalia bro nicknames, now? It's a favorite guy past time to talk up our Johnsons, so why take the cheap shortcuts?

Photobomb -Strictly only because I hear it so much now. It was cool in 2011.


Fail - Okay, the only time this word was cool was with the kids in middle school that grew up to be your human resources department. Seriously. Drives me nuts with the over-use of a "never-cool" word by grown-ass adults.

Bruh - No, no, no, no, no. Don't "bro out" the very word "bro", bro. You don't do that. Don't be a douche-hat. Damn.

Instagram - Can't we just take a picture anymore? Does it really need 27 hashtags and fake, cheap filter?

Pumpkin spice latte - Say "pumpkin spice latte" to yourself in the mirror and a college girl will appear and tell you everything she loves about fall season.

Yoga - Something almost no woman does, but almost every woman is dressed prepared to do, should the event arise.

Indie - Because of the constant abuse of the word. Indie is not a sound. Indie is when you are signed to a label that isn't a sub-label to a major label. "Indie" is a derivative of "independent." That is what it means. I am re-iterating that indie is a state of label, not sound. The Killers are not indie, they are major-label. The second you sign that major label deal, you are no longer independent.

Who knows what knew words 2014 brings to us. Maybe "twerk" and "ratchet" will carry on and be a staple of our language like "bro" and "dude" are. Hit me up with your words you never want to hear again, or correct the ones I have here.