It dawned on me while hanging out with a friend from Canada. She was talking about a previous relationship, and talked about how they initially "hooked up". After she persistantly reassured me that no boning had occurred, I had to explain to her that "hook up" isn't what it used to be.

Many people have had horrifying experiences using words they thought to be benign, but they weren't.

Thanks to Reddit, the question arises, "What ARE the kids saying these days?"

Parents, take notes. Grammar and English language has taken a turn for the unsalvageable.


"Apparently Thirsty doesn't mean what it used to...

I was volunteering with an afterschool group at the elementary school and one of the teachers asked me if I needed anything. I said I was thirsty and like some water. The entire boys group erupted in laughter and I had no idea what I did until a couple days ago when I mentioned it to a friend. You don't know shame until you're a grown-ass man being laughed at by fifth graders.

Thirsty: desperate for sex, as in "She is a Thirsty hoe."

YOLO is Out Now

"Most kids just make fun of what they used to say. They now say yolo as a joke instead of seriously."

Turnt Up

To get wild at a party. Drunk, high, anything they can get their hands on.

Loud Packs or Extra

"My wife is a teacher in an inner city school. Apparently 'loud packs' means good weed and 'you so extra' means loud and annoying."

Ratchet, Lit, OD, and Butta

"Ratchet is similar to ghetto or very poor maintenance (used to describe people). Lit means wild or similar to turnt up as mentioned other places in the post. Od/odee just means a lot of something. Ex: Yo that party was odee fun. And calling someone a butta just means they're cute or good looking. This is not to be confused with buttahface/butterface which means a girl has a nice body/everything about her is nice BUT HER FACE."


Verification of someone's statement. Much like "preach", or "amen."

For anything else, please refer to this.

CONCLUSION: I don't belong in this world anymore.

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