We found this story in the Seattle Times today and thought it was kind of interesting. Drinking on the job especially when it has to do with the safety and the process of building our state roadways/bridges can't be a good thing.

Well KOMO News investigating team cracked the story and caught KGM employees drinking on the job and bringing more beer in as the investigation team was trying to ask questions.(Bad timing guys, bad timing) KGM is being paid near $590 million dollars to complete the work on the 520 bridge in Seattle and says that their company is looking into the allegations but they are on time and under budget for the completion of the bridge.(Nice cover up) You can check out the KOMO News video here.




We're pretty sure the only people allowed to drink on the job are rockstars, Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna of Drinking Made Easy and 97 Rock DJ's.(We just threw that last one in there to see if we get the okay from the boss)