Arrive Alive Emphasis Patrols This Friday All Over Washington

The Washington State Patrol is promoting an 'Arrive Alive' emphasis patrol this week, but what exactly does that mean?


Washington State Patrol Starts Emphasis Patrols This Friday

The Washington State Patrol has been promoting new emphasis patrols all over Washington State this week which are planned for this Friday, May 5, 2023. The campaign is called 'Drive Safe, Arrive Alive' but I can't be the only one that is confused by exactly what this means.

Most of the past campaigns for the Washington State Patrol have been pretty straightforward in their messaging, like 'Slow Down, Move Over' or 'Click it or Ticket'. What exactly does 'Drive Safe, Arrive Alive' mean anyway, and what is the Washington State Patrol going to be looking for this Friday?

credit YouTube Washington State Patrol
credit YouTube Washington State Patrol

Drive Safe, Arrive Alive Meaning

Think of this Friday like that old DUI TV commercial where a drunk walks out of a bar and every car on the road is a police car waiting to bust him. Washington State Patrol will be out doing 'high visibility' patrols in trouble spots all over Washington State just like that old commercial this Friday, May 5, 2023.

The emphasis seems to be on speeding and DUI from the messaging in the statements from the Washington State Patrol. They say in those ads that "1/3 of the 300 fatality crashes investigated by the WSP in 2022 involved an impaired driver." The main goal of this campaign according to the Washington State Patrol is to stop impaired driver crashes and to make sure everyone gets home safely.

credit YouTube Washington State Patrol
credit YouTube Washington State Patrol

Washington State Patrol Using Industry Data to Find Locations

In a press release by the Washington State Patrol, they explain that the emphasis patrols use "agency data to help troopers determine areas where
agency resources will make the largest impact in saving lives."

The patrols will last for 24 hours with higher amounts of visibility during peak times for DUI or crime. Washington State Patrol has investigated over 10,200 crashes so far just in 2023 alone with 177 causing serious injuries and 77 deaths. The solution they say is for drivers to "make good choices when behind the wheel, including driving sober,
remaining distraction-free and adhering to posted speed limits."

You can read the entire Washington State Patrol press release by clicking here.

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