It's been quite the winter wonderland over the past few days and troopers with the Washington State Patrol report they've responded to over 400 incidents in eastern Washington since last Friday. You know the adage: Ice and snow, go slow, yo. I like to call it grandma driving. Let the other clown be the one who needs a hook out of the ditch.

Troopers advise cleaning the snow off the top of your car, too. Did you know that if an ice block or any other debris falls off your car and hits another car, you can be liable AND receive a citation?

Hand with gloves is removing snow from car

So please clear all of your windows for visibility AND on top! Thanks!! If not, it might cost you. It's a $136 fine. Once again, here's Trooper Chirs Thorson:

Here's the bottom line: If you don't like how slow I'm going, you can always go around me. And I'm so over your tailgating. Seriously, I won't be intimidated. You can be six feet behind or six inches off my bumper, it makes no difference to me. I'm all about going forward, and if you rear end me, well it's your fault, so I'm good.

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