The city of Yakima are talking about reversing the ban on marijuana sale businesses in city limits according to reports. The ban was placed back in 2014 with a 6-1 vote to ban all business and sales in the city limits. The one vote against the ban was from current council member Kathy Coffey who recently made a motion to change the ban at a meeting on Tuesday. Avina Gutierrez, Dulce Gutierrez, Holly Cousens, and Coffey all voted in favor of doing away with the ban, but members Maureen Atkinson and Bill Lover voted to keep it.

Councilman Lover says that he is still for the ban "because you know it's still against Federal law and maybe I could get past that if they'd take it off the dangerous drug list." One member was not at the meeting so they will re-vote on February 16th with all members of the council.