Stop waiting around for the man or woman of your dreams to magically appear. Get online, get real and get aggressive. Do you want to cut through the profile malarkey and just come right out and say stuff?

There’s now an app for that.

Called Gaper, the free app specializes in setting up relationships with an age gap. So you know, it works both ways - it's not just older dudes trolling for the younger companionship, older women wanting a much younger stallion-like escort is every bit as popular.

The app, which launched about six months ago in Apple's app store, works more like Craigslist, rather than your typical swiping dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

There's no hiding age inappropriate desires, this app puts it all out in the open. Users can browse through profiles and personal ads in their areas and then direct message the candidates to whom they feel drawn.

Gaper's creators proclaim, in a press release, “While these types of relationships can be frowned upon by society, the reality is that there are several benefits for those involved including less drama, as older people tend to be comfortable and secure in themselves. Younger men dating older women frequently say they enjoy their stability, independence and life experience.”

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