I was curious if anyone ever hooked up from those things, so I did a little digging and found 10 HILARIOUS true stories about 1st dates from "Missed Connections"!

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    It was from a guy I had seen in Target while I was trying to pick out a new bra. He was a rather disconcerting fellow, leering at me out of the shadows of the lingerie racks. He appeared to be several decades my senior and wore a green trench coat. In his missed connection post, he called me a "pretty little thing" and asserted that we "made eye contact and there was a sizzling connection."

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    A friend of mine actually met his wife through a missed connection on Craigslist. Mind you, this is a guy who gets 90% of everything he has through Craigslist, Amazon, or Ebay, so finding a spouse on there is not outside the norm for him.

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    My step-brother dressed as Borat for Halloween one year, when he was 24-25ish. Not suit Borat, but neon-thong mankini Borat. Anyway, at one of his bar stops he met a girl dressed as St. Pauli Girl, who he spent some time talking to but never asked for her number. He posted on MC the next day with the title "Borat searching for his St. Pauli Girl". The post got mentioned by a local radio station the following morning, and within a few days the girl managed to get in touch with him. They met once I think and nothing ever came of it.

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    I actually MC'ed the guy I just dated. I'd seen him around town and understood that he and I had a lot in common, but not enough for us to ever conveniently meet. After seeing him downtown, I took my chances and posted a Missed Connection, knowing how bizarre it would come off as. Luckily, his friends found the posting, recognized it was for him, and he responded. We met for a beer, hit it off wonderfully, and had a good couple months together.

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    Once I saw a guy on the train I thought was pretty. I scribbled this on a piece of paper I had at the moment: "I think you're pretty. - The random redhead on the train" I gave it to him as I walked off the train. A few days later, I was telling my friend about it and they said 'you should checked the missed connections!'. So I typed 'redhead' into CL and there was actually an entry there from him. Not much came of it. We had a couple dates but didn't have enough in common for it to go beyond fooling around. He called me a year after our last date at 1am while he was drunk talking about how I was a 'sexy cutie' and we should get together again.

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    Saw a really cute girl at a coffee shop once, while I was there talking to a friend about a project. Her appearance amazed me; she had a certain look going with a cool hat and scarf, and a vintage looking scooter. It all worked really well together. She was there alone reading a book and seemed like a mature, serious minded person. Totally on a lark, I posted a MC and received an email back the next day. Her roommates had seen it and figured out it was her. She asked a couple questions to confirm who I was, and then never wrote back. I suppose these things only really work for attractive people.

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    Happened to my close friend, we'll call him (a): (A) Saw a cute girl on the subway in NYC and wrote a missed connection, it was easy, she had a blue cast on her arm. The girl replies and he psyched that it may work out. They mutally decide to each bring a friend along for the meet up, just so it isn't so weird. So (A) brings friend (B) to the date. What happens? The girl is (B)'s EX GIRLFRIEND from a few years ago that (A) never met before.

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    I'm sitting in Powell's reading, caffeinating, staring at these goddamn kids walking by on the street, thinking I should submit them all to LookAtThisFuckingHipster. My friend sends me some humorous text, I laugh, and out of the corner of my eye, I spot Abe Lincoln smiling at me in the window, who totally mistakes my smiling text reaction for a beard+sideburns fetish. A few days later, I'm curiously skimming Missed Connections, and sure enough, honest Abe had made a post about an "Angel in the Window at Powell's." It was kind of a shameful personal triumph to be the subject of a CL post, but I decided it might be courteous not to leave the poor schmuck hanging. "Four days and seven minutes ago, you thought I was checking out the sideburns of Burnside. Sorry, I was just laughing at a text message (telegram). Try not to go to any theatres."

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    On a whim, about a year later I decided to post a MC ad describing her physical features and her tattoo, no response. A couple of weeks later I posted another and this time I had a bite! I guy responded "I'm not who you are looking for but I think I know who it is" and proceeded to tell me about this waitress he has seen recently. I found her working at a bar in the city. I don't like to hit on girls when they are at work but now I had enough info to find her OKCupid profile. I sent her an OKC message, being very honest about the whole thing "Met you at a party, thought you were gorgeous, couldn't get you off my mind, trying to find you, yadayadayada" She was flattered so we went out a few times! Nothing came of it, actually she turned out to be sort of crazy, not my type at all. The kicker is shortly after we decided not to go out anymore she got a new job at my favorite bar and I went from not being able to find her for a year to seeing her several times a week.

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    I was feeling very lonely so I wrote a missed connections to a girl that I had loved about 7 years before, I tried to make it as pointed as possible without using our names. I mentioned things that only the two of us would know like favorite songs and weird things that happened and the places they happened. I really just needed to get some stuff off my chest and then I wrote that I never stopped loving her. I went to bed that night and when I woke up A message from her was in my inbox. Honestly I could not believe it we emailed back and forth a few times but she told me that she really did not have room for me in her life. I moved on and tried top forget about it. About a week later I was helping my dad sell his car on CL and she was one of the first people to respond to the ad, I responded to her reply and was like WOW so we ended up meeting for coffee that day and closed a lot of doors that had been left open. We don't really talk anymore but I was able to get some closure and make some apologies that had been bothering me for years.

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