I am still blown away that people really meet other people on Craigslist. I guess I don't understand it. How, when you put a 'Missed Connection' on Craigslist, will the person know you are talking about them? How? Anybody could answer those adds! Here is the stupidest one I think I have ever seen. This man either saw a real woman or he is desperate to find someone on Craigslist 'Missed Connection.' Anybody could answer this add. Do you use Craigslist for the personals or do you just go to the free stuff like me?

Lady at Lowes, Waiting by the pvc pipe on Tues - m4w [Man For Woman] (Yakima)

Sexy lady by the pvc pipe on Tuesday. We locked eyes more than once, I even came back down that aisle to see you again before I left.
Would love to get too know you.
Tell me, was I with someone, what did you have on.

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